Through engaging and hands-on classes, Guardian Protective Training Institute (GPTI) will take your firearm skills to the next level.  Are you looking for a career in the field of security? You will become a knowledgeable professional.  New gun owner? With GPTI training you will become a responsible gun owner. Join our growing community today by signing up for one of our classes.

GPTI is committed to teaching safe firearms management, shooting fundamentals, helping you learn how to protect yourself under dangerous circumstances. From teaching kids firearms safety and shooting skills, to learning Situational Awareness tactics and Home Security strategies to Defensive and Advanced shooting skills. We are interested in helping you be a safe firearms owner and protector. In addition, we are hopeful our articles will be a resource for your continued interest in personal protection.

Our reviews reflect that commitment. We want you to get the most out of our programs and consider us the Go To place for all your firearms and personal protection educational needs.

Our wide range of hands-on training programs and seminars are designed to meet the educational needs of all firearms owners and those wanting to best prepare to protect themselves, their families and their work places.

GPTI is committed to helping you learn how to protect yourself under dangerous circumstances.  Sign up for our Situational Awareness class to learn skills and tactics that could save your life in the event of a home intruder, active shooter, or during social unrest.

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Dan is a lifelong country boy with a passion for helping others. He has significant experience in training and educating professionals and is recognized as an expert in personal protection and firearms.

Dan has had an eclectic career in healthcare and the private security industry.  He began his healthcare career in EMS, worked his way up to an Assistant in Surgery and concluded it as the CEO of a large surgical type practice that he founded. During his tenure in healthcare he co-authored numerous scientific articles, co-authored fourteen medical books and developed a renowned international advanced life support training organization and led several successful companies.

He spent 11 years as the team leader of an aero-medical evacuation team and performed over 300 missions many into hostile and unfriendly environments.  It was this experience that started his journey into the world of personal protection.

Over the years he has trained with elite military team members, DOD contractors and has taken numerous tactical firearms classes. He is an NRA Pistol instructor, a former Georgia State Certified Firearms and Classroom Instructor and current Director of Training for the National Concealed Carry Association, as well as, a licensed Florida Armed Security Officer.

Following his medical career, he entered the private security industry where he functioned as an armed security officer, private investigator and firearms instructor. He authored two books on firearms laws, numerous publications on firearms and personal protection, developed several firearms training programs and has taught over 400 firearms classes and related personal protection seminars.